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Oral Presentation

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 Script for the presentation
In 1997 the architect Alvaro Varela received a call for a project that left him really impress. He was asked to build a bridge. Why didn’t they tell an engineer? He asked. But still impress he took the challenge and presents a design in that year.  Two years later in April of 1999 the construction of the Millennium Bridge started and ended in august 2001.
This bridge is located in Orense Galicia and is the fifth bridge of the city. This bridge was build to pass over the Miño River, between the Roman and Vella Bridges. This condition definitely creates a big contrast between the old types of bridges construction and the modern ones. These bridges were made to connect the north of the city with the south.
If you take a look at the base of this bridge, you maybe think that is a simple beam bridge, but if you see the upper part of it  you will notice many cables that are holding the deck and that’s why it’s a cable stayed bridge, because was the best option for the architects design.
In the structure of this bridge, a part of the cables are attached directly to towers, the other ones are involved at the footbridge, as the ribs are stuck in the vertebral spine,  and at the same time all of this are join to the towers too, acting in tension to support the load.
The materials used for this structure are concrete and iron.  We can see Concrete in the first level of the bridge, this one consist in a platform of 275 meters long and 23 meters wide that connect both sides of the river and in the towers under this platform.  We can also see it in the second level (footbridge) as well. The iron is found in the two big pillars that support the bridge and in the cables that are in the top and at both sides of it.
The millennium bridge is distinguished by its avant-garde design and for its brave structural system, the form of ribbon of it footbridge transmit dynamist and sensation of lightness.
It is also consider not only a bridge it is also a viewpoint, because from its 20 meter high footbridge you can have an incredible view of the river, bridges and both sides of the city. This structure is definitely a progress symbol for his community.




Here you have the link to our oral presentation that we posted in youtube, check it out!!!






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