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Page history last edited by mariufernandez 14 years, 2 months ago
 Modernist the rEVoLuTiOn of arts!!!

Art Nouveau describe a series of changes at the cultural movements in art, architecture, music, literature, sculpture, and applied arts wich become know between nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
But, you should be asking why I’m calling Art Nouveau to Modernist? Well, the reason of why this movement doesn’t take the same name at the different countries depends of the origin of it.
For example, Modernist was know in France and Belgium as Art Nouveau, in Germany as Jugendstil, in Austria as Sezessionstil, in Italy as the floral style or Liberty or Floreale, at Catalunya as modernisme, and at the Anglo-saxon countries as Modern style.
Modernist basically started with the industrialized world, the use of new technologies, different forms to see the world, or what was happening around made that the artist change their points of view and led this movement start and years later revolutionize the world.
..aRtiSt BeGaN tO gEt LikE cRaZyY, in a very good mood!  =]


Some of the characteristics that this movement takes are the uses of the nature, lavish birds and flowers, insects and females; also it takes into account the abstract lines and shapes, and one of the most important aspect, in my opinion, the use of the curving lines and the exuberant ornamentation on each work.
“Art Nouveau artefacts are beautiful objects of art, but not necessarily very functional”

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