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Bridges: Presentations

Page history last edited by mariufernandez 15 years, 6 months ago
Bridge between Denmark and Sweden:
  • A way of communication and better relationships between Denmark and Sweden.
  • There were economical and cultural plans growing in the future of both nations
  • A lot of people got employed while they were constructing the bridge
  • Thanks to the bridge, both Denmark and Sweden share many different facts, including the language, because Danish and Swedish are very similar from each other.
  • The bridge is faster than a regular ferry.
Bridge in Germany:
  • A way of communication between Frankfurt and schwabenholz
  • They were people that didn’t have any access to Frankfurt
  • The former bridge wasn’t in very good conditions and was very small therefore; there was a lot of traffic.
  •  Request to build a new bridge was sent to the “government” and they denied it.
  • People didn’t give up, and they fight until the bridge was finally constructed.
Here you have my message to the presentation of Barbara Chaps!
To: Barbara Chaps
Greetings, my name is Ma Eugenia Fernandez, I am studying architecture at Simon Bolivar University, First of all I would like to let you know how much of an inspiration I think you are, and I am more than sure, that I speak for a lot of my classmates as well. You’ve shown us how powerful we can be even in the most difficult situations.
            I love the way you presented the bridge because you taught me the significance of it, its history, its locations, all of that and more in a very simple way, I didn’t get bored at all while I was watching the videos, contrarily I enjoyed it.
            The important thing I personally admired about the bridge in Germany, is the fact that the government ignored the petitions about why a bridge should be of such a help, and regardless that factor, the citizens took control of the situation and made it real, I find myself in their positions at that time, because we are currently dealing with similar issues, however I don’t lose hope, and thanks to this video I know for sure I shouldn’t .
Once again,
Thank You.


And her answers was..


Dear Maria Eugenia,
I am so pleased you enjoyed the video and that you saw so many lessons in it.  We are all faced with difficult situations in one way or another.  I guess that is what life is.  And then it is our task to find happiness and to do what we must to be happy.
It is very important for citizens to take control of their country.  We have seen this over and over that the people will be very unhappy if they cannot live and work the way they want to.  That, of course, is how the United States got started.
When I made the video I was thinking a lot about the students who might see it.  I wanted to make it interesting but simple (just in case they didn’t have very much English), so I’m glad that I did my job.  Thank you.
I wish you and your classmates much success in your studies and in your careers.  If you come to Frankfurt , let me know.
Best regards,


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